2021 update: Our latest batch has been officially certified for its health claims by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

View the certificate (available in Greek), and the full chemical analysis (available in both Greek and English).

Premium extra virgin olive oil,
product of Greece

Ave Costa is a producer of raw organic* olive oil.

Our family-owned farm is located 300 meters from the Ionian Sea, where the exceptional quality of soil interacts with the unique microclimate of the region.

Each year in the first days of November, we collect the olive crops using a traditional labor-intence process, and transfer them in the same day to local industrial facilities, equiped with the latest Swedish stainless steal machinery, for cold press olive oil extraction.

This process is engineered to ensure the minimum degree of fermentation, and superior nutrient and acidity profile well above the minimum requirements for "extra vergin" olive oil. Having end-to-end control over the cultivation, extraction, and bottling process, we are excited to bring this premium "single malt" to the conscious consumner.

Organic certification from an EU-accredited certifying agent is a 3-year process, and will be granted in 2021

Olive crop collection

Single variety "Koroneiki" olives.
Manual harvesting before they reach full maturity.

Cold extraction

Same day transport, maximum 24 hours until extraction. Industrial machinery from Alfa Laval.

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